Planning a half term staycation or just looking to spend some quality family time together this year? If you are after the best family staycation ideas or a staycation in Somerset, we’ve got you covered. Here are 15 ideas for an unforgettable family staycation.

1) Spend time together

Children can become so easily captivated by technology. But it’s important to take a step back and enjoy the little things in life. Spending family time together is where the memories get made and treasured. So, if you are looking for the best unforgettable family staycation make sure it incorporates the main invaluable factor, family.

2) Rent a family cottage

If you need a little retreat from home without going too far, renting a family cottage is a perfect idea. What’s more, taking a break from your own home from time to time allows everyone to recharge their batteries and appreciate the time spent together.

Lakeview Holiday cottages have child-friendly accommodation in Somerset, suitable for children of all ages. Upon booking with us, you’ll be sent the Lakeview Holiday Cottages guide with everything you need to know about the area. Enjoy a family retreat in the beautiful county of Somerset, boasting with fun-packed activities and things to do.

3) Game night

Children love games and so do adults too! So why not combine the two and have a family game night. If you are staying in any accommodation, it is always wise to bring some games with you to avoid boredom. You’ll be glad you did if you encounter a rainy day, which, let’s face it, happens a lot in the UK.

4) Explore a new town

There’s never been a better time than now to explore new destinations in the UK that you’ve never seen before. It’s amazing what treasures were hiding beneath the surface this whole time. Even if you aren’t leaving the country, it doesn’t mean everything has to be boring. Go for a wander around a new town and try some traditional foods from the locality. Make your personal experiences go further and wider. If you are looking for some ideas for family days out in Somerset, we know some unmissable places to visit!

5) Arts & Crafts

For rainy and cold days, why not do some DIY arts and crafts? They are a great way of keeping your children occupied for a fairly long time, and another great indoor activity to do on a rainy day.

6) Movie night

Nothing beats a good movie night all together with a bowl full of popcorn. Just make sure you have your own of course, kids love popcorn! If not, you’ll find yourself scraping the remnants of an empty bowl.

7) Outdoor Sport Activities

Children often have far more energy than adults do. So, choosing to do some outdoor activities to keep your kids active is always a great idea. Depending on where you are and what is around you, outdoor activities can range anywhere from cycling, to hiking, kayaking and more. If you are keen to find out what outdoor activities you can do in Somerset, take our online quiz to determine the most appropriate activities for your family day out in Somerset.

8) Call your relatives to catch up

There’s nothing more important than keeping up with loved ones. Call up your relatives and family to catch them up on how you are all doing, or even do a zoom call to feel a little less far away from home.

9) Seasonal Activities

Depending on the time of year, there will be different options for activities to do. For example, in Autumn you could go pumpkin picking, at Christmas visit the markets, in summer go to the beach or visit the zoo. So, try to keep in mind the seasonal activities that are available when looking for the best family staycation ideas.

10) Cook & Bake

Cooking and baking with your children is an experience like no other. Children love to learn new things, and learning to make new recipes is important for their growth. At Lakeview Holiday cottages, we offer self-catering accommodation in Somerset. Our accommodation comes with a fully equipped kitchen, so you won’t be restricted to eating take-out every night.

11) Camping

In the colder wintery months, turn your living room or children’s bedroom into a tent! It feels just like camping, only warmer, cleaner and more comfortable. So… maybe more like glamping then. Even if you are renting a family cottage, you can still incorporate camping into your stay. This can be done by setting up your tent outdoors if you have a garden area, or making your own smores, to get that camping feel.

12) Try fishing for the first time

Especially if you have opted for a family staycation in the countryside, family fishing is a must-try experience. Lakeview Holiday Cottages has built a reputation for fishing holidays in Somerset. Our accommodation is right next to it’s very own private lake, where guests can take in the beautiful scenery whilst enjoying some fishing.

13) Mini spa day

Another idea is to have a mini spa day with the kids. Unlike an actual spa day, this alternative doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply buy a few facemasks, chop up some cucumber and put your feet up! You never know, you may even bag yourself a free foot massage from one of your family members. It’s worth the try, right?

14) Go out for a family meal

As much as home cooking is great, there are times when it’s nice to go out for a family meal. After all, you are on holiday, so treat yourselves! Lakeview Holiday Cottages have a great list of recommendations for places to eat near our self-catering accommodations in Somerset, so don’t hesitate to ask if you are stuck on where to go. And of course, we wouldn’t be British if we didn’t know where the five best Sunday Roasts in Somerset are!

15) Relax

The best family staycations are relaxing ones. It’s all fun and games doing plenty of activities and keeping all your days packed with things to do. But you don’t want to return to work more tired out than when you left. So, take the time to unwind, relax, and chill out! You’re never too old for a nap and it will do your kids a whole world of good also.

If after reading this blog the thought of a family staycation in Somerset sounds perfect for you, get in touch with Lakeview Holiday Cottages.

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