Summer is here and that means one thing, it is time to start booking a holiday. Now lockdown restrictions have lifted we have the freedom to fly abroad once again. However, as many people discovered during the pandemic, there are some fantastic holiday destinations right here in the UK! Our self-catering cottages in Somerset give you and your family the freedom to explore the beautiful Somerset countryside. Somerset has lots to offer this summer, and our self-catering accommodation in Somerset also has several advantages over a holiday abroad. Find out more about why self-catering holidays in Somerset are going to be so popular this summer. 

Save money on food 

Summer holidays with the whole family are one of the best times of the year. However, with the price of bills and petrol going up so dramatically, many households are having to cut back on luxury expenses. One of the main advantages of our holiday accommodation in Somerset is the money that you save on feeding the family. Most hotels and even some Airbnbs don’t have the utilities needed to prepare food for a family. The cost of going out for lunch and dinner quickly adds up, especially for bigger groups. Lakeview self-catering cottages in Somerset come with all the utilities and equipment you need to prepare meals.  

No waiting at the airport 

This summer, airports are struggling to cope with the demand of holidaymakers going abroad. It is not uncommon for people to wait for hours at security or check-in desks. There is nothing worse than getting stuck in an airport with bored kids! Booking a self-catering holiday in Somerset means less hassle than travelling through an airport. With all that extra time you can take a leisurely walk through the nearby countryside or explore the best that Somerset has to offer 

More space for the whole family 

There is nothing worse on a relaxing holiday than cramming the whole family into a tiny accommodation. Even hotel rooms with multiple beds often don’t have any living or dining area. After a long day out, it is important to have somewhere to relax.  

All our self-catering cottages in Somerset are spacious and well furnished. For large groups and families, our 3-bed accommodation and self-catering bungalows are ideal. They come with open-plan living areas and a patio space so you can relax in the summer sun.  

Relaxing and flexible 

The picturesque scenery of the Somerset countryside is the ideal place to relax and unwind. In our holiday accommodation in Somerset, there is none of the noise or busyness that is normally associated with hotels. You are free to get up when you like and come and go as you please. Each self-catering cottage in Somerset comes with its own parking space. If you have someone in your group with accessibility needs, we have self-catering bungalows to accommodate special requirements.  

If you’re interested in booking a self-catering holiday in Somerset this summer, then hurry because we are booking up fast! We’re also offering a special 10% discount on a 3 bedroom cottage from 15-22nd July (7 nights). If you have a question about our holiday accommodation in Somerset, give us a call on 01278 661584 or fill out our online contact form 

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