Despite the difficulties presented to us this year, it has also been the year for rediscovering activities in our home towns and spending time with loved ones. It’s amazing to see what ventures we may not have thought to try before the pandemic. That’s why at Lakeview Holiday Cottages we have come up with some activities you can still enjoy in Somerset this winter.

1.       Winter Walks

Winter walks are one of the most popular things to do in Somerset, especially in the beautiful countryside our holiday cottages are located in. Surrounded by natural wildlife and beauty, there is a wide range of places to explore, rain or shine! Cheddar Gorge, Lollover Hill, and national trails are just some of the great spots you can head out to in for a winter walk.

2.       Delicious Comfort Food

After the way 2020 has gone, we all deserve to enjoy great comfort food. Why not order your favourite local takeaway in Somerset, or indulge in some delicious comfort food at home. Lakeview Holiday cottages can provide some great recommendations for restaurants which deliver to our Somerset self-catering accommodation. So feel free to ask if you are feeling a quiet night in with some good grub!

3.       Self-Care

One of the most important things to continue doing, now more than ever, is self-care. You can practise self-care in several ways; cosy up by the fire, pamper yourself, spend the day in your pj’s. Regardless of what you choose, self-care is all about doing things you enjoy which make you feel relaxed. If you happen to be staying at Lakeview Holiday Cottages in Somerset, why not run yourself a bubble bath? This way, even if you are away from home, you can continue to enjoy the little things.

4.       Connecting With Your Loved Ones

If have family members you haven’t been able to see much or if not at all during the pandemic, take the time to reconnect. In particular, if you have more free time than usual, calling up your loved ones is a great way to brighten up a gloomy day.

5.       Wintery Crafts

Whether you have children or love arts and crafts yourself, wintery crafts provide a great way to keep you occupied and get creative. Some wintery crafts could include making festive decorations, homemade cards, or even adult colouring books. Our Somerset self-catering accommodation is spacious and includes a large dining table which perfect space for getting stuck into some wintery crafts on a family staycation in Somerset.

6.       Trying Something New

With Somerset being the home to many wonders and hidden treasures, there’s always something new you can try. Whether you want to try new family days out in Somerset or pick up a new hobby, try expanding your horizons. There are various things to do in Somerset across the county, so do some research to what’s nearest to you and get exploring!

7.       Festive Bakes

Even on a staycation, it’s always a fun activity to make your own baked treats. From baking a pie or making cookies, delve into your culinary skills during winter. If you are on a Somerset family holiday, getting your little ones involved with cooking is sure to keep them engaged. After all, we all know they’ll be the first to put their hands up when it comes to the taste test. Our self-catering holiday cottages in Somerset come with a fully equipped kitchen so you can feel at home, even when you are away from home.

Lakeview Holiday Cottages in Somerset offer various accommodations. If you are looking for the perfect retreat in the beautiful county, get in touch with us today. We can provide you with holiday cottages in Somerset, suitable for families, couples, or smaller numbers. To find out more about our Somerset self-catering accommodation call us on 01278 661584 or email info@lakeviewholidaycottages.co.uk for further enquiries.

Image source: pexels.com

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