Devon and Somerset staycations have become somewhat of a phenomenon in recent times but have always been a classic choice for families who are looking for a local getaway to spend quality time together. If you are looking for a holiday cottage for October half term, but are unsure where in the Southwest to visit for your family staycation, discover here how holidays in Somerset and Devon compare.

Historic Market Towns

Both Devon and Somerset are home to some of the most charming and historic market towns in the UK. In Devon you can find Chudleigh, an ancient wool town with origins in the Saxon period and historical remains from the Stone Age.

As for places to visit during a holiday in Somerset, there is the Roman settlement, Wells. This Somerset location is the smallest city in England, but it has a huge legacy with its famous 13th century Cathedral and numerous historic buildings. In modern times, it is most well known for being the setting of cult film, Hot Fuzz.

So, whether you’re a history or film buff, Somerset has the places for you. And after a long day trip, our well-located holiday cottages in Somerset can be a cosy and comfortable place to return to, perhaps to even watch the film!

Ancient Moorland

Both Devon and Somerset offer stunning National Parks with ancient woodland, moorland, and valleys that have been enjoyed by people for thousands of years. In Devon there is the famous Dartmoor National Park, which boasts rare wildlife and 386 square miles of land protected since 1951. Here you can enjoy horse riding, hiking, and more.

In west Somerset, Exmoor National Park provides great views and walks that rival any other UK destination. With a fantastic variety of landscapes, you can enjoy both tranquillity and adventure, perfect for half term holidays in Somerset. With an 8,000 year relationship with humans, Exmoor has an iconic status, and its moorlands have a distinct ecosystem to be explored. If you are looking for a countryside holiday, then our self-catering accommodation in Somerset close to the National Park can be a perfect base to explore from.

Produce & Famous Brands

The West Country produces a variety of popular food and drink, and different areas have their specialities. For example, Devon has Devonshire clotted cream, designed for afternoon tea and scones. They are also home to the brand Burt’s Crisps, popular at pubs and cafes across the UK, and which can be paired with refreshing beers from Dartmoor Brewery.

On the other hand, Somerset has delicious local Cider and Cheddar. Somerset’s food pride and joys are Yeo Valley yoghurt and Thatcher’s cider. These British brands source ingredients from local dairy farms and orchards, giving a truly local experience from their products. These can be enjoyed on location at factory tours, or at your home from home at one of our self catering cottages in Somerset.

If you have decided on visiting Somerset for your next vacation,  half term holiday cottages can provide a perfect base for a trip for all the family. Whether you are exploring all that Somerset has to offer, or want to spend some time relaxing on the 12 acres of private land, Lakeview Holiday Cottages will provide you with exceptionally high levels of service and advice about the local sightseeing. Give us a call today on 01278 661 584 to book your October half term holiday cottage.

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