Want to make the most of your next self-catering holiday? We’ve put together some of our top tips for a stress-free, more enjoyable holiday. From researching the local area to making the most out of the facilities and offers at your self-catering accommodation, here’s everything you need to know to guarantee a successful self-catering holiday in Somerset.

Research the local area

Getting to know a little about the local area ahead of your trip is key to having a successful self-catering holiday. Research how far away your accommodation is from local shops, restaurants, or public transport stops. You may also want to learn about local walking or cycling routes, parks, or interesting places to visit.

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Know what is available

Another great thing to do before taking off on your trip is to get to know what is available at the self-catering accommodation you’re planning to stay at. It’s a good idea to know what facilities are available to you. For example, whether the kitchen has a hob or microwave or whether you will have a fridge and freezer in your property. All of this is very useful to know and will make your life easier when planning ahead for meals. You may also want to read through the FAQs page on the website of the self-catering holiday accommodation that you’re thinking of choosing to ensure that it suits your needs.

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Pack your essentials

From good walking shoes, sunscreen, plasters, or any medication essentials that you may need, to your favourite tea and biscuits that will make your stay more enjoyable, make sure you pack a small bag of essentials when planning your self-catering holiday. Not only will this ensure a successful stay but will allow you to save the money and time of an unplanned shopping trip.

Take advantage of additional services and special offers

Research whether your self-catering accommodation offers access to any additional services that you could use. For example, at Lakeview Holiday Cottages, we are one of the few self-catering accommodations in Somerset that has a private fishing lake available to our guests.

You may also want to check out if there are any special offers available at your accommodation to make sure you don’t miss out on any great holiday deals.

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