At Lakeview Holiday Cottages, we have so many special features that make our Somerset self-catering accommodation a place like no other. One of these is our beautiful private lake, home to an abundance of wildlife. So, where did it all begin? Read below to discover more about how Mr Sabato Notaro built our lake.

The start of an idea

In 1983, Mr Sabato Notaro Sr. asked a good friend and close neighbour if he could sell him a small part of his land to dig a pond for some ducks. His neighbour agreed and ended up selling him 12 acres of land. Eager to get started, Mr Sabato Notaro purchased a new Hymac. Despite no previous knowledge on how to use the Hymac Mr Sabato Notaro taught himself and began to dig. With each passing day, the hole he was digging got larger and wider. But his vision for the duck pond did not end there. In fact, this was the start of an even bigger plan which began to materialise. The original idea of digging a small pond has now become a 12-acre lake, full of wildlife.

The hard work paid off

The further Mr Sabato Notaro dug, the more he realised this was going to be a lot more work than his initial simple idea. The land became increasingly difficult to manage, and the earth turned very watery. With the adverse weather conditions experienced in the UK, this was not an easy task. Working day and night to finish his project (most days on only 1 plate of spaghetti), the venture took seven months to complete. The outcome was a beautiful lake compromising 12 acres of water and five islands.

What happened next

Over the years, thousands of birds, Canadian geese, and other wildlife species have made their home by the lake. The lake has now become a private fishing lake in Somerset with remarkable natural wildlife. Situated right next to Lakeview Holiday Cottages, guests staying in our Somerset self-catering accommodation have the bonus of this beautiful amenity.

We are so pleased to be able to carry on the legacy of Mr Sabato Notaro. More than 90 years on from his first venture to the UK.

If you are looking for summer 2021 holiday accommodation in Somerset that is surrounded by such natural beauty, our private lake and grounds are the perfect escape.

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