If you are stuck for things to do whilst staying at home during this time, it can be difficult to feel productive. Luckily, we have a few tips for some inspiration to keep you going. Keep active, creative and organised with our 10 ways to stay entertained indoors.

Plan a games night

One of the most entertaining ways to pass the time is with your very own games night. From the comfort of your own home, get the whole family involved and dust off some of your favourite board games, or get involved in a game of charades that will be sure to end in fits of laughter.

Feast on a Sunday roast

A good way to end the week is to spend the time making everyone’s favourite Sunday roast. Whether you’re new to cooking or want to master the art, what better (and more delicious) way than to practice with the nation’s favourite! This is a sure way to keep you busy throughout the day, and it is certainly rewarding when you get to tuck into a homemade meal at the end of it.

Get competitive

If a games night isn’t enough for those competitive families, why not do a talent show? Give everyone a chance to show off their secret talent in a way that will keep the whole family entertained for the evening. Who knows what unique talents your family could be hiding? You might be surprised!

Unwind with a film night

For those nights where you want to unwind and escape for a while, film nights are the perfect solution. Take turns choosing your favourite films, or decide to watch something you haven’t seen before. Of course, no film night would be complete without the snacks! Bake some homemade goods, or dig into the snack cupboard for that cinema feeling in your own home.

Stay active

If you’re missing your exercise routine or want to take this opportunity to start building your fitness, home workouts are great for staying active indoors. There are endless amounts of apps and videos dedicated to home workouts, and the best part is that you can choose the best one for you – you can start simple or dive straight into the deep end with some advanced exercises to keep your body healthy. Yoga is a great way to keep the mind healthy, so why not try learning some basic yoga moves? Find a routine you love and set yourself a challenge to complete it 3 times a week.

Get creative

Find your inspiration and try making DIY decorations to brighten up your home. Follow a tutorial or start from scratch and see where it takes you. This is a great way to keep both kids and adults entertained, and to come up with something truly unique! Start with a painting tutorial for some decorative artwork, or if you’re feeling imaginative, go straight into some upcycling and revamp the old furniture you have lying around.

Practice your hobbies

It can be hard to find the time for all of your favourite hobbies, so now is the perfect opportunity to throw yourself into the things you love. Re-read your favourite book, start a new blog or work on your photography skills. Keep yourself happy by filling your days with the activities you enjoy most.

Get organised

Did someone say spring cleaning? If you want to feel productive, try clearing out all of your old clothes that never see the light of day, or organise work emails that you have been meaning to do for months. Take on some of the tasks that you have been putting off to keep yourself busy – you will feel so much better afterwards.

Learn a new skill

See what you have laying around and try and learn a new skill with it! Maybe baking has never been your forte, you have an instrument that you don’t quite know how to play yet or some paints that you want to experiment with. Use what you have around the house and do something new with it.

Socialise digitally

It’s always important to keep in contact with your loved ones. Take advantage of the digital ways you can socialise. Whether it’s a group video call, social media or just a simple text – make some time to check up on your friends and family.

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